Enthusiasm. Passion. Revolution.

The restaurant

Friends are first of all our homes, for this reason we spend in it all our energies, our time, our love and our ideas. Here, in 1887, the activity of our family began, starting with a small shop of colonial and tobacco products. Since then, generation after generation every day, in a different way, but with the same passion of those who preceded us, we continue to open our home to those who pass by Godia.

“Hic manebimus optime” says the sign on our door, a thought that condenses our joy of lovingly welcoming those who come to visit us, wishing us to give a moment of serenity and pleasure to our table.

Ivonne and Tino: have collected the experience of the past and, with the desire to always go beyond the immediate choices, easy and obvious, have given a turn to the historic family business.
They convey all the enthusiasm and passion of those who want to do more and better every day for their guests. Loving and revolutionary, they are a daily reference point for Emanuele and Michela and for all collaborators.


the earth, the season and the kitchen
The kitchen tells our story, our passion, the link with our territory. We like to respect and value the work of the farmers, of those who breed and look for the best for us.

Emanuele Scarello


on the table, the menus

“Through the plate something is always told: the history, the culture and the tradition of a people, are recalled personal anecdotes, memories of recipes handed down from generations and we share the experience of new confrontations.

Our kitchen intertwines the knowledge conveyed by our family with the passion and ideas of our time, with the sole intent of making our guests feel at home, offering them a special experience, if possible … unforgettable “.

From the welcome with San Daniele Prosciutto Crudo to the tasting menu suggestions: everything tells of the deep love for the territory, the great research and the enhancement of the flavors of our land: the potato of Godia, the wild herbs of Friuli and white asparagus . To achieve the colors and aromas of traditional Italian dishes, studied and revisited to offer our guests and friends our translation of history … ”


Address & Contacts

Address: Via Liguria 252 33100 Udine

Telephone: +39 0432 565411


Website:Agli Amici dal 1887


Every chef should think the same way: humility and effort in cooking every day, respect for the culinary gems of his region and supernatural creativity. It is no coincidence that Emanuele Scarello has been the Italian president of the Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe for two years, and together with his splendid and gourmet family, he brought the Friulian cuisine to the Moon, making it essential and magnificent, suitable for any gourmande mind. With the simple gesture of curiosity, he invented and spread the essence of the new Friulian cuisine.