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Gian Piero Vivalda’s belief and goal are the search for the rightness of every detail, not only culinary but also of the whole; but the substance, that is the raw material, is necessarily first of all, and with it the refinement of the technique intended as optimization of the food, all through study, analysis and experiences in multi-starred kitchens of the European scene. In addition to the noble products of the Piedmontese and Cuneoese cuisine, extra-regional gastronomic delicacies are added from time to time. To the noble cuts of the Piedmontese Fassone, to the porcini mushrooms of Val Pesio, to the kids of Valle Stura, to white truffles of Alba, cheeses of Alpeggio with natural fermentation, snails “Helyx Pomatia” and many other local goodies today all DOP, yes they add shrimps and red prawns from the Ligurian Gulf, mullet bottarga, lardo di Colonnata, Umbrian and Sicilian oils, Iranian caviar, just to name a few.


Cordial excellence

Gian Piero Vivalda


Gian Piero Vivalda

In Cervere, a laughing microcosm on the banks of the Stura di Demonte river, halfway between the plains and the hills, at number 13 of Via Fossano, the Vivalda family, which has been living there since 1815, is about to see the fifth generation born , after Eugenia, sister of Gian Piero, sons of Giacomina and Renzo. Gian Piero was born and grew up in Cervere, passionate about cooking; was formed by his grandfather Eugenio, who taught his nephew the pleasure of the table and the rules of cooking. Together with his grandfather, Gian Piero begins to help the family in the basic preparation for restaurant service and the mother in the management of the restaurant. Gian Piero has attended the hotel school of Mondovì and during the winter holidays he works in the most famous winter ski resorts: St. Moritz, Cortina, Limone Piemonte, and in the summer holidays he works instead in those seaside resorts. In 1988, Gian Piero finished the hotel school and worked in Europe before deciding to return to Cervere to run the family business. He became owner in 1994, Gian Piero decides to expand his experiences and goes to France to work. A pupil of Georges Blanc, Alain Ducasse, Alain Dutournier, grows up with new ideas about cooking; in Cervere, excels in the elaboration of a traditional and innovative cuisine that uses local products and innovative ingredients. In 2003, Gian Piero obtained his first Michelin star and in 2010 the second, in addition to many other Italian prizes.


Address & Contacts

Address: Via Fossano, 13
12040, Cervere

Telephone: +39 0172 47 41 32


Website:Antica Corona Reale


My restaurant is the ideal place for lovers of gourmet cuisine. It is the result of continuous evolution, the result of a family commitment that has lasted for over five generations, with a savoir-faire handed down from father to son for two hundred years and a perpetual avant-garde vocation.