The restaurant

The restaurant is the emblem of excellence and quality of good food, signed by Ciccio Sultano. The restaurant is located in the lower part of the historic Palazzo La Rocca where some scenes of the famous masterpiece of Pietro Germi dated 1961, ‘Divorzio all’Italiana’, were shot. Before entering, just raise your eyes to remain stunned before the vision of the dome of St. George. Inside, there are several cozy rooms, where elegance is also perceived by the decorations on the walls covered with silk wallpaper.

The restaurant is the ultimate expression of Ciccio Sultano’s vocation, committed to telling his territory through a cuisine that is absolutely expressive, starting from the selection of the raw materials of excellence that must tell the territory of belonging.


A street, baroque in style, neither wide nor narrow in size. The far end beholds the unmistakable dome of the Duomo of Ibla in the background.

ciccio sultano


What I do

‘I’m a cook. I transform products into food using all five senses with an inclination for taste and touch. Tasting and touching creates and evolves first impressions. Then the mind comes into play, but not before there is a direct contact…a certain physicality.’

It is from this idea of physicality that Ciccio Sultano’s cuisine is always moving between sea and land, memories of home and travels abroad, high culture and popular culture, a monumental past and present, encompassing heart and mind, always with a certain finesse. ‘We are not scared of change, because our roots run deep.’ In loving an ingredient comes a desire to transmit feelings, because one who loves, loves out of respect.


Address & Contacts

Address: Via Capitano Bocchieri 31  97100 Ragusa

– Località Ragusa Ibla

Telephone: +39 0932 651265




A dish creation is like a jazz improvisation: you can do it over and over again, but it will always mirror the emotions and moods of that particular moment.