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The restaurant

Stay well. It’s what we offer for our guests: we want them to be fine. But it is also what we want for all of us at Ristorante La Torre La Villa at Laetitia.

Enoteca la Torre at Villa Laetitia exists only since June 2013, but in a few years it has become one of the most popular restaurants in Rome. Without the intuition of Mrs. Anna Fendi Venturini without his enthusiasm, his creativity, today this restaurant would not exist. It was she who proposed to move from Viterbo to Rome with the then “Enoteca La Torre”.

Today Enoteca la Torre at Villa Laetitia can boast of 3 forks of the Gambero Rosso and the conservation of the Michelin Star, already acquired when the place was in Viterbo, with the Japanese chef Kotaro Noda. The first years in Rome were marked by the kitchen designed by Danilo Ciavattini, based mainly on the products and suggestions of Tuscia, and from the early months of 2016 our choice fell on a young but already established chef: Domenico Stile, matured between great chefs of the Campanian school but also in an international and multicultural environment. So for the third consecutive time we decided to trust a young man but of course we already know the talent.

Villa Laetitia is a marvelous place, elegant and refined, but – and this is its added value – it is nevertheless incredibly welcoming. The new restaurant had to be at its height and now, we can state it, it is.

Our young but expert Chef Domenico Stile, our director Luigi Picca, the sommelier Rudy Travagli and all the chefs and waiters are aware of what they are participating in: a great project of … beauty. We are always committed to not disappoint the expectations of our guests. Domenico Stile, with him, brings a new line based obviously on his personal experience and on his cultural past but, once again, constantly focused on the search for new dishes. For us, research has been and remains a conditio sine qua non, because it is only by experimentation that novelties can emerge. And without news, there is no surprise.


a refined cuisine, great attention to the customer in a poetic and full of charm.

Domenico Stile


Domenico Stile

“I arrived at Enoteca La Torre at the age of 26. I accepted mainly by instinct, thinking about it today I can say that maybe it was still early, but I have always been ambitious “. But also for another reason: “in a different historical moment I would have waited at least up to 30 years, but now I see a large number of people who at 25-26 years have occasions that often do not deserve. Prodigy chefs emerge everywhere and I noticed that the figure of the self-taught chef is becoming increasingly popular. Personally, I think there may be a self-taught artist, but in the kitchen it is different: to make a perfect Bernese sauce you have to have witnessed the preparation made by a good chef, to fill a fish to perfection you must observe over and over again. I learned these things after seeing dozens of chefs at work, which among other things do so differently from each other “.





Address & Contacts

Address: Lungotevere delle Armi, 22 00195 | Roma, Italy.

Telephone: +39 06 45668304

Website:Enoteca la Torre


“Kitchen, service and cellar create a perfect osmosis that flows between the tables to create a magic that can satisfy and relax the guest in a natural, light way.”