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In our refined restaurant, chef Antonio Magliulo serves the best dishes of Mediterranean cuisine prepared with top quality local ingredients grown in our organic garden. Enjoy traditional Italian dishes presented in a sublime way with a contemporary touch while observing the waves of the Tyrrhenian Sea crashing ashore. Alternatively, you can enjoy an intimate candlelit dinner for two in our museum, where you can also choose musical accompaniment.


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Antonio Magliulo


Antonio Magliulo

Gourmet Chef Antonio Magliulo has many passions, his vegetable garden, his truffle supplier, he is in love with wine, but a perfect tomato can send him into raptures.

Antonio has worked at La Posta Vecchia since 2011, where he has free rein to achieve the gastronomic heights his guests demand. In his own time his passion is perfecting Pasta Pomodoro, for which, like everything he cooks, he demands the absolute best ingredients.

Antonio is always very attentive to local products but if he sees something truly special, he is going to buy it for his guests be that Icelandic cod or Ronce oysters. For his Pomodoro he goes to Campania for tomatoes, Puglia for flour, and uses only egg yolks in his pasta dough. Inevitably there are many extra egg whites, these are transformed into delectable macaroons found in jars around the hotel for guests to nibble anytime. Back to the Pomodoro, Antonio says the tomatoes must rest after cooking and the pasta goes into the tomatoes, never the other way round, he is fierce on these small details, which is what makes him a superb chef and La Posta Vecchia a truly fine Italian restaurant.

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