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The philosophy that led us to create our room was to minimize the environmental impact, recreating chromatically the harmonies of the natural space that surrounds us. Hand-painted ceramic majolica tiles, typical of the Amalfi Coast, are masterfully combined with glass transparencies and slight metal insertions, so that you can enjoy the view of the sea from anywhere in the room. We have chosen to create the space in a particularly evocative area where the sea engulfs and fizzes creating spectacular multicolored spurts. The green that surrounds us on the sides also allows emotions typical of the hilly landscapes. Opposite, during your meal, you can enjoy the view of Amalfi, Atrani, Ravello, the island “Li Galli” and Capri, with its faraglioni. Evocative and infinite sunsets with the sun going down to the Tyrrhenian, coloring the sky of different shades of red and orange. It is no coincidence that this stretch of Costiera has hosted many directors and was also the set of some films including Roberto Rossellini’s “Love” filmed in 1948. Starring Anna Magnani and Federico Fellini, the film takes place for half in the then endless countryside of the Maiori coast.


Seasonality and quality of the raw material. Research and study of the technique. Flat architecture as linear and creative as possible, drawing on experiences from beyond the Alps and the memory of our family tradition dishes. Our classics are constantly updated and improved, choosing from time to time more and more useful ingredients to make the best of our Earth’s taste.

"I believe that to make haute cuisine dishes it is necessary to sacrifice oneself, to have curiosity and be dedicated to the profession."

Pierfranco Ferrara


Pierfranco Ferrara

I believe that to make haute cuisine dishes it is necessary to sacrifice oneself, to have curiosity and be dedicated to the profession. The years spent in France were a great professional school and life, thanks to which I learned and appreciated techniques unknown to me, cultures and cuisines different from those more usual to me. These multiple experiences have shaped my style, always evolving along with the techniques I experience every day in my laboratory kitchen. During the service I use only the highest quality ingredients, carefully observing the seasonality and prefering local and representative ingredients of our territory. My kitchen wants to arouse emotions, thanks to the clear flavors that I try to create starting from ingredients selected by me and my brigade with extreme scrupulousness.


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In the period from 4 November to 31 March the weekly rest will be on Tuesday and Wednesday


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State Road Amalfitana 44, 84010 Maiori (Sa)
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For many years, our journey through the best labels in the world has managed to bring prestigious bottles selected by our maitre and sommelier to the Il Faro winery. Our wine list is made up of the best labels in the world, starting from famous companies up to small wineries that produce few bottles but of extreme quality.