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The team that has put on the lifejackets for this new adventure, is composed of young boys (or almost) united by the Passion for catering. Anyone who has been able to attend this field as a worker, knows that without passion or without training, you can not engage in such a company. Because taking care of other people’s culinary pleasures is a job. And it’s getting old fast. There are many aspects to consider, the most tearfully bureaucratic and the most exciting, in which they challenge themselves and their knowledge for the creation of a menu or a cellar. Therefore the team must contain several souls within it: The leader, the pragmatist, the serious, the jester, the Joker, the Confessor, the mascot. We are more or less all of us.


An oasis in which to rediscover the tranquility




GIUSEPPE Gasperoni was once known as “one of the Zanni” who, for the Romagnoli Valley of the Marecchia in whose veins the ragù flows, is synonymous with the scent of embers and piadine superlative.
After a long time he decided to take the reins of his surname and put
Fruit in the kitchen of the tavern of the Poor devil, all that has absorbed since his baptism
In the stove, in the atmosphere of the kitchen at home.
He learnt in fact to appreciate the magic of simple dishes of memory in the home protection of the Family restaurant, soon developing a greedy curiosity immediately encouraged
And stimulated by the parents, who pushed him to do more and more experiences both working and gustative
Even during the school years.
Thus begin the first seasons followed by more lasting periods with ever greater responsibilities,
In which he had the good fortune to have in the chair many known names of the Romagna cuisine, from SILVER Succi (rist. The fourth floor) to RICCARDO AGOSTINI (il Piastrino) to LUIGI Sartini (rist. Righi) until reaching the Piedmontese experience with ENRICO Crippa (PIAZZA DUOMO).
Each of these masters of the kitchen has planted a seed in his knowledge, which with the going of the years has sprouted and grew up to make him reach the awareness of his own abilities and that,
With a little ambition and unconsciousness, he made him decide to take hold of this reality
So rich in history.

Ristorante Povero Diavolo


Address & Contacts

Address: Via Roma, 30, 47825 Poggio Torriana
RN, Italia

Telephone: (+39) 0541 675060


Website:Povero Diavolo


Working in a tavern and inn, unfortunately does not allow many movements “physical”. What moves are the goals and limits that each one poses, in the constant attempt to move them a little further, to go further.