You can't love well, think well, sleep well, if you haven't eaten well.

The restaurant

Enjoy a unique and unrepeatable experience in the renowned La Pergola restaurant, the undisputed reign of world-renowned chef Heinz Beck! Here you can enjoy the excellence of culinary art and hospitality at the table, as well as taste the most prestigious Italian and international wines.

The restaurant is enriched by a rare tapestry of Aubusson, precious canvases, porcelain from Sèvres, bronze candelabra of the eighteenth century and precious empire furniture and a large collection of blown glass by Emile Gallé.

In the middle of the restaurant an imposing celadon vase of the seventeenth century is decorated every day with wonderful exclusive floral compositions made by the master florists of the hotel.


"Kitchen is not eating. It's much, much more. Kitchen is poetry. "

Heinz Beck



Its one-of-a-kind cuisine, is a fusion of genius and creativity; from the absolute quality of simply unique ingredients, it continues to set forth new tastes and new emotions coaxed from the real flavours of Italian and Mediterranean tradition.

Heinz Beck

The Pergola owes its success to its chef, Heinz Beck, Chef of excellence. Atmosphere from film ingredients to the height of the stars, but above all great humanity on the part of Beck. Nothing would be if at the end of the evening he did not appear, humble, willing, almost shy, not to collect the applause that would be at least duty, but to accept criticism and advice. Beck The man who knows he doesn’t know, the antistar of the stellate chefs.

Ristorante La Pergola


Ristorante La Pergola


Address & Contacts

Address: Via Alberto Cadlolo, 101 – 00136 Rome Italy

Telephone: +39 06 3509 1

Website:La Pergola



Every dish is a vision; as every recipe is the result of a meticulous analysis of every detail and of every aspect. Singular elements that multiply their value within the sum of the whole they represent.


The scents and colours of nature, without excess; a constant search for balance as the foundation of food made of lightness. With particular attention to the modern and a challenge to originality, with coherence towards principles, without compromise.