A story, a passion.

The restaurant

Catia and Mauro open the Restaurant “Uliassi” in 1990, has been evaluated with 19.5 Espresso, 2 Michelin stars, 92nd Gambero Rosso guide, 86th in the 2016 ranking of the 1000 most important restaurants in the world, 53rd in the ranking of chefs best in the world for the guide “100 chef 2016”, 37 ° best restaurant in Europe OAD 2016 and is rated among the top 10 restaurants in Italy.

Our restaurant is on the sea, between the canal port and the beach. It’s a place full of energy. It’s always beautiful, in all seasons, with the wind or the rain, with the snow or when the days are still in the sun of summer.

Fish is the main ingredient we use. However, for a cultural fact, we also like to try our hand at game.

It is a kitchen that we love to define simple and contemporary because it uses the maximum of technology and technology present on the market today and, at the same time, sinks its knowledge into the roots of tradition: a tradition in continuous movement, certainly not a photocopy of the past and that feeds on our travels and everything that surrounds us.

The fascination of the sight of a sea whipped by the wind, the waves that run along the quay, the seagulls standing on the impassive rocks in the cold, the erotic smell of the algae in turmoil, or that of tarry and smoky harbors and the scent of the sea, of the high seas and of wet cliffs, are the traits that inspire our kitchen.


Just be pampered and get ready for a memorable meal.




Born in 1958, originally from Senigallia, Uliassi became passionate about the kitchen thanks to his parents’ bar, Franco and Bianca Maria, where he helped out with his sister Catia from an early age. After joining all’Itis, he understands that his path is different and passes to the hotel, where he starts to cook and experiment. In 1986, convinced by his mother, he opened his first restaurant in Senigallia, “Pizzeria da Mauro”, but left after just three months. Four years later he buys the current Uliassi restaurant, which overlooks the sea: Mauro goes to the kitchen, his sister Catia in the dining room. From the very beginning it recalls rows of customers, soon it becomes a real “gourmand” restaurant. “We opened in the ’90s, with lightness but also with the certainty that working 24 hours a day within three years you could return the investment and then think about growing,” explains Uliassi.




I was born in Senigallia, October 25, 1967.

I grew up in a very well known and popular bar in the suburbs, still existing and run by my brother Walter.
From my parents I learned love, rigor for work and all that is needed to be in contact with the public.
At the beginning it was almost like a game: we had a lot of fun in this new adventure, immediately receiving the consensus of the city.
With my brother I have covered all the stages of the success of these years.

I’m the organizer and responsible for everything related to the hall service.





Address & Contacts

Address: Banchina di Levante, 6, 60019 Senigallia AN

Telephone: +39 071 65463




The refined elegance of the room introduces a kitchen strongly linked to the Marche region and elaborated with skill, which uses the maximum of technology and technology present on the market today, but – at the same time – simple and concentrated to the pleasure of the palate.