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In the center of Sardinia there is the Marmilla. In the heart of the Marmilla, which the Romans called this way for the hills in the shape of breasts, a resistant cook works. Roberto Petza is a conservative and a progressive. Preserves with stubbornness and courage a heritage of tastes and techniques, of ancient knowledge and gestures. And he is a progressive because he has understood that the past is the only way to conquer the future. Update the Sardinian tradition with new executive practices, new combinations, new aesthetics and a new concept of catering. His restaurant is the symbol of this multiple vocation: S’Apposentu is located in the old manor house of the Puddu pasta makers, heirs of a tradition that seemed extinct. But that lives today in the kitchen and in the Academy, the training school of Petza. Casa Puddu is not a museum, but a laboratory of experience and dedication to the great cuisine. And above all a cozy home, a good living room (s’apposentu, in fact) where it is nice to dive into the chef’s dishes, microcosms of goodness and stories. Each course is a story. The sheep, the pig, the poultry, the herbs, the grains, the legumes, the cheeses narrate an ancestral and honest land. The story then continues in the vast, clear Sardinian sea with the poor fish, forgotten, that the chef personally selects in the beautiful fish market of Cagliari. Archaic flavors are thus transformed into new creations, new adventures. And it is understood at the end that the elegance of Petza’s kitchen comes from authenticity.


high level culinary experience in an ancient Sardinian house.

Roberto Petza


Roberto Petza

The story of Roberto Petza is of a truly Sardinian person but unconventional. He is born in the ancient heart of the island in 1968 in San Gavino Monreale, in Campidano. He graduated at the catering institute in Alghero and immediately he understands that you need to leave the own land and then to find it again. He goes around, travels in Italy and abroad. He refresh techniques, he learns the art of restoration. Then he returns to his country in 1998 and he decides to get his expert hands working in the region. He opens S’Apposentu. Although the place seems remote, his talent is imposed. The world of gourmet chefs recognise Roberto. In 2002 opens S’Apposentu at the Lyric Theatre in Cagliari. The idea of ​​cuisine based on traditional flavours and new perspectives, is a success. He contributes in giving back to Sardinia its great gastronomic dignity, often muffled by a trivialized food for tourists. Tourist guides, journalists, fans, in Italy and abroad, are excited. There comes a Michelin star but the chef does not stop. In 2010 the restaurant moved to Siddi, in the heart of Marmilla. Here he experiences a formula that puts the restaurant at the centre of a network involving farmers, breeders, craftsmen in connection with the Academy for training the Petza’s of tomorrow.

S'Apposentu a Casa Puddu


Address & Contacts

Address: Vico Cagliari, 3, 09020 Siddi VS

Telephone: +39 070 9341045




Inside, among works of art, antiques brought to life again by Petza himself and a delightful terrace overlooking the courtyard / vegetable garden of the restaurant, are served by a young brigade dishes that contain, more or less evident, all the flavor of Sardinia.