The Restaurant

From the meticulous selection of the raw material of the Belluno pre-Alps to the natural cooking techniques, to the studied combination with the wine, the De Prà family that leads the Dolada and is one of the oldest Italian catering dynasties, accompanies the guest on a tasty itinerary of contemporary reinterpretations of the Italian gastronomic tradition. In this mountain home of the early twentieth century, followed with total dedication, you can enjoy a tradition cultivated since 1921, but you also feel involved in the culinary evolution of Riccardo, the chef. Some of the regional classes, unstructured and reassembled, take on a new nature while keeping intact their typicality and their history, and are presented in completely new ways, inspired by the nature of the territory. The eclectic and welcoming restaurant manages to be elegant but at the same time informal and dynamic.


Dinner ... a marvel! The dishes proved to be worthy of fame, with particular mention to the trampling with ginger and to finish a riot of sweets, to say the least delicious.

Riccardo De Prà


Riccardo De Prà

You never regret getting up there, even if there is a road to do, and hairpin bends, but then you can enjoy, the valley, the mountains, the light, the cold – when there is – because that too is part of the show, like the light breeze that makes the Alpago summer so beautiful and sultry, down there, so far away. A sea of ​​green, everywhere, and hang gliders. And this quiet, refined house seems to be in a beautiful living room where everything makes sense, nothing is out of place, where taste reigns, the warmth of things put there for love, rather than furnishing, armchairs, chairs, colors.


Address & Contacts

Address: Via Dolada, 21, 32010, Pieve d’Alpago (BL)
Telephone: 0437 47 91 41



It is always worth climbing, there is only a bit of fatigue on the engine, but little, basically, and then sit down. Be pampered, from the glasses and the dishes, from the courtesy of the service, from the goodness of the dishes, from the attention of Rossana, from Enzo’s gaze, the great Enzo, among the very first masters of the new, great Venetian cuisine – if there is, and when he is not inside his shelter, in the wood, panoramic, lulled by the slight buzz of his bees – and from Riccardo’s kitchen, hymn to the woods.