Authentic, but unconventional.

The restaurant

The restaurant is a villa in the busy surroundings of Brescia. The kitchen traces this territory, in a French key, of northern France, robust, fat but, with surprise and joy, clear and distinct. As has been said. We still have not said the reception, the work of the room. Mauro and Daniela Piscini, the chef’s wife, are surrounded by a team of young and very young people. Impeccable courtesy, have a figure and personality in offering, in advising before proposing, in offering tastings and deviations to the agreed path. The natural offer of a house that for many years has been a classic Casa Grande, well within today’s catering but on the edge of the avant-garde. Like those who, instead of looking for new trinkets for the window of the menu, have studied the evolution of their gastronomic path, perfecting, updating, choosing which stimulus to welcome and which to reject.


Cozy location. Cuisine of high standard and of great substance.

Mauro e Daniela Piscini


In Concesio, in the pleasant architecture of a neoclassical villa in the province of Brescia, the brothers Mauro and Daniela Piscini offer their clients unique and unforgettable gastronomic experiences, relying on the rich and well-structured cuisine of Breton Philippe Leveillé.

Philippe Leveillé


Philippe Leveillé Chef

French of origin and in love with Italy as much as of cooking, which by definition has no frontiers other than those of taste. Multifaceted and always looking for new experiences and inspirations. He loves the fish of which his native land is rich and in the Brescia valleys he has found the perfect combination to take root and grow his gastronomic proposal.


Address & Contacts

Address: via Crosette 34, Concesio (BS)

Telephone: 030 275 1063


Website:Miramonti L’Altro

I carrelli del formaggi altro must del Miramonti

Elegant villa in the outskirts, the hospitality of the owners is celebrated as much as the kitchen thanks to cues from Brescia and lakes, marine digressions, French inspirations. Great culture of traditional cooking. Last, but not least, the unmissable cheese trolley with a proverbial Italian selection.